Across the world, small UAVs are used to map areas affected by natural disasters, deliver aid, protect endangered species, and improve the human condition. First responders are able to quickly and safely locate injured persons, inspect structures, track fires, and survey disaster damage.

Matternet Vehicle flying in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti delivering medicine to the clinic of Pétionville Camp.

Mesa Fire and Medical Department Captain Forrest Smith answers CBS5 questions regarding the potential use of drones in the fire service. Montgomery County in Maryland is currently using UAVs as a tool for public safety.

Minutes Matter : Drone Search and Rescue

Researchers combine UAVs with geographic Information systems for search missions.

Dutch-based engineers have created what they say is the world’s smallest auto-pilot attachment for unmanned aerial vehicles, a technology that will greatly expand their value in firefighting and search-and-rescue missions.

AirMap works closely with airspace security stakeholders to deliver cutting-edge airspace awareness technology. Steve Runge, Division Manager for Safety and Emergency Management at the Houston Airport System, discusses what AirMap’s Digital Notice and Awareness System means for the security of airports.