Small UAVs are used in multiple industries to safely and efficiently inspect hard-to-reach assets. For example, companies in the oil and gas industry use small UAVs to inspect live flare stacks. Small UAVs are also deployed to inspect wind turbines, mines, and pipelines.

A two man UAV team inspected a live flare tip and flare boom with 20 knot winds. The inspection was made difficult by the angle of the boom and the size of the flare. Despite the circumstances a safe, fast and comprehensive inspection was carried out.

This flare inspection was part of a wider inspection scope for a client in the North sea. The wind was 20 + knots during the inspection flights and no climbing took place due to the weather conditions.

Demo of image stability and quality. These shots were taken at wind speeds of 10-13m/s. No post-production stabilization was applied.

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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) owns the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) in Pueblo, Colorado. Since its dedication as the High Speed Ground Test Center in 1971, it has played an important part in research, development and testing of rail infrastructure and equipment.